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Inaugeration of the New Latihan Hall for Subud Alpujarra – a personal perspective, Andrew Bromley, group chair.

p1020951-wsc-council-meeting-salobrena-orgiva-group-photo-24-09-2016Earlier this year when Paloma our National Chair asked if there were any groups who would offer to host the WSC meeting in September, it occurred to me that it would be a possibility to host it in Jaramuza, the home of Subud Alpujarra. We discussed it in the committee and decided that it would only really be of interest if the WSC team stayed in Jaramuza especially as the new premises should be ready in August. Paloma and Carla, committee councillor for Subud Spain, agreed that this was a good idea although we should also book the Hotel Salobrena (about half an hour away) as a back up.

The weeks passed with the work on the new premises progressing reasonably well but with the enormity of hosting WSC gradually dawning. So the idea of hosting the meeting in Jaramuza morphed into putting the WSC members up in a hotel in Orgiva and shuttling them back and forward each day to the new premises. Fortunately there was subsequently some testing done by the IHs (I guess!) and the decision was to go with the back up. Slightly relived but also disappointed we agreed this was the best thing. The summer came – the work men had holidays, time off sick, visiting ill relatives and the sun beat down mercilessly just when we needed to get the roof finished.

It became clear that the idea of hosting the WSC had been wildly optimistic and not only that, the assistance we had hoped to give to Paloma and Carla for the organisation of the WSC meeting would also just not happen. Sorry Carla! The date of the meeting and the Inaugeration crept ever closer and the work fell further behind. We trimmed out unnecessary frills and concentrated on essentials. We had an excellent concrete floor so the tiling was postponed, the internal doors would not be ready in time so we accepted temporary doors for the toilets, we had to take on various jobs ourselves such as painting the inside, putting up the acoustic ceiling tiles, finishing the wiring up of the ceiling lights (60 total) and fitting the toilet sanitary ware. With three weeks to go it was quite pressurised but the schedule showed we could still do it – unfortunately the schedule included jobs such as painting the ceiling tiles with a lime wash and we were working with some equipment which involved three persons, one to mix and stir the lime, one to pump the pressure vessel and one to spray. The only relief was that we could only do about 50 (out of a total of 600) at a time as they had to dry before being stacked. So a job scheduled for 2 days took 2 weeks. In addition the carpenter had been wildly optimistic about his ability to supply all the doors and windows and when he did appear on site, looked very harassed.

The last week before the Inaugeration dawned and by now several of us were working 8 hours a day, six days a week. Other group members were working less hours but equally valuably filling in the gaps. We heard that actually the mechanism for the big sliding windows was still in Germany but we could still put the sections in place although they would be fixed. Marc Vouga our architect decided at the last minute that we needed to employ an extra team of workers to improve the access from Jaramuza. And still the schedule became more and more compressed.

On Friday the day before the Inaugeration, most of the jobs had still not been signed off. The carpenter appeared at 10.30 to fit the sliding doors and all the glass ( 35 double glazed windows). By lunch time he had not started the glazing and was having a struggle fitting the main frames due to variations in the floor. Suddenly we felt we had to start fitting the windows ourselves. With 5 minutes instruction we got started and had fitted 30 windows by the end of the day, the biggest weighing around 40 kilos. The carpenter was very relived as he only just finished fixing the frame. However this meant that the windows for the sliding doors would have to be fitted the next day – I did not sleep well but then I had not slept well for two or three weeks. The carpenter came mid morning bringing the front door and two provisional toilet doors. Eventually we were ready to try and fit the glass. They weighed 126 kilos each (nearly 300 pounds) and it was with growing relief that each piece got installed – not a chip thank goodness. And about 2.30 we had everything completed ready for the Inaugeration at 4.30. I was almost too tired to feel relieved.

The Inaugeration was a bit like my wedding, I do not remember much about it but it seemed to go well – everyone was very happy. We had Latihans, refreshments and then a presentation by the committee of those involved most closely in the project interspersed with music and dance, rounded off by the presentation of a plaque by Marston from MSF. We were about 120 total, 23 from the group, 30 from Subud Spain and 60+ from WSC. The evening was completed with a meal in a local hotel – we had hoped the group might do the catering but again good sense prevailed – there was just too much to do finishing the building.

Now 2 days later I’m beginning to feel some satisfaction with what we have achievement and a great sense of relief that it was done on time. But now as Marston said to me, the measure of its value will be in how it is used.

Andrew Bromley





Hello Everyone
We have decided to have a group dinner on the 5th of January to celebrate Reyes at 8pm instead of the first Sunday of the month. If everyone can bring a present for the value of not more than five euros we can enjoy giving and receiving !
Festive Greetings to all !


WE have justbeen informed that MSF have agreed to give us a grant of $50,000 towards the construction of the new Latihan halls.

I was out yesterday afternoon and when I got back, preparing for Latihan, I got a call from Bachtiar warning me that there was a conference call with MSF at 6.00.

Eventually at 8.30 I was invited to join. There was some minor skirmishing around whether it should be a grant or a loan but we agreed a grant was better.

We are now in a position to really set things in motion – completing the purchase of the land, selling the Latihan hall and forging ahead with the building work. We have a committee meeting on Monday and I hope we can start scheduling things. I will be in touch when I know more.

HELPER’S REPORT – Testing for Alpujarra chair 2015

We thought that some of you might be interested to read a little more about the “inner” side of last Sunday’s meeting, when it was decided that Andrew would continue as chairman of the group.

It was felt that even though there was only one candidate, public testing should be carried out in accordance with Bapak’s advice. Even if it had turned out to be inappropriate for this one candidate it would have opened a space for others to then come forward. The men helpers and Andrew (our only candidate) stood before the meeting. The lady helpers were together and they and the members were asked to witness the testing and receive inwardly for themselves.
One of the male helpers asked for a quiet and then proceeded to test “what does the group need of the chairman over the next two year term?” This was then followed by a second test for the candidate “what is the capacity of Andrew as chair of this group over the next two years.”
Andrew described what he had received and then everyone who wanted to do so described their receiving .

The compilation of receiving (not complete as we didn’t take notes) included:
· The group needs a chair who is strong and has firmness of purpose/ easy to approach/ can bring the group together/ light easy and open/ guided by the power of God/ able to work with others/ can put the latihan into practice. The members also need fun, light heartedness and laughter.
· Andrew’s capacities as group chair are: that he has many of the above mentioned qualities/ he needs to be aware of being in the right inner space/ not to get too much into “thinking” mode which might constrain his inner being/ that we need to understand that his feelings can be hurt. He also can’t, and shouldn’t, take on too much, and will need all our support

A formal vote by everyone produced a unanimous result in favour of Andrew continuing as chairman of the group for the next two years.

The work of group chair can sometimes feel isolating, and it shouldn’t be so. Andrew will need everybody’s support over the next 2 years, and we suggest that those who would like could test for themselves how they can best support Andrew in his work as chairman.


Andrew and Rafael,  made a presentation of the latest situation regarding the construction of new latihan HALLS. In November it is hoped to begin construction of the walls of the first hall and complete the purchase of the land in December.
The new design shows two meeting rooms 90 m2 for men and women for simultaneously Latihan,  a large social area with kitchen, office and toilets. The total project has a budget of 400,000 € and if the grant application to MSF is sucessful there will only be €54,000 outstanding
The presentation went very well and was warmly received.


We have now raised over 200,000€ – plus we should raise a further 50,000€ from the sale of the current Latihan hall.  Our application to MSF for funds to complete the building should be ready to submit shortly.  If this is successful then the building should be useable in the middle of next year.

Andrew Bromley


We am very happy to announce that the group decided at the AGM earlier today, to back the new Latihan hall project. The resolution was carried by an overwhelming majority and the detailed minutes will be issued shortly.
This has been the result of a long process involving 5 group meetings just over the last two months. We currently have promises of 151,000€ and need between 30 and 35,000€ more to complete the purchase of the land. Once that is done we should be able to raise a further 100,000€ from the sale of our existing hall etc. leaving 100,000€ + to find, to complete the building.

The Committee


At the AGM the it was also agreed to change the regular group meeting to the first Sunday of the month.  Latihans therefore will be at 11.00 followed by the meeting at 12.15 and the meal at 2.00.   This also means that all Sunday Latihans will always be at 11.00.

The Committee


The Committee has called the AGM for Sunday 1st of March, at 12.15 in the Latihan Hall


1) Approval of the resolution as set out below including the attached notes

2) Approval to use the Association Subud Alpujarra as the legal body of our group. (ask Andrew if you would like to see a copy of the statutes)

3) Approval of the accounts for 2014

4) AOB
Orgiva 5th February del 2015, Chair, Andrew Bromley

Note: If you cannot attend, please sign the following proxy authorizing who you would like to represent you at the meeting.
I, …………………………………………..… authorise:…………………………………………….… To represent me at the AGM of 1st March 2014
Resolution agenda Item 1:

That the committee is authorised to seek the necessary donations, to complete the purchase of the land (option 1 in the feasibility study) and erect new Latihan premises.

This to be accomplished in accordance with the following notes:-

It is understood that the cost of the land and necessary ground works is 181,000€ of which 151,650 € has been promised so we need a further 29,350€ in donations to complete the purchase. Any significant variation from these figures will require a further decision.

The overall design and costing of the new Latihan premises to be agreed by the group.

In the event of the land being purchased but the group deciding not to go ahead with the construction then the land will be sold and the proceeds put towards alternative latihan premises which would meet the needs defined in the Project Appraisal. If this is not possible the proceeds would be given to MSF


Sophie von Bissing, widow of Ronimund von Bissing, passed away in the morning of November 18, at a home for the elderly in Torre del Mar, on Spain’s Costa de Sol, where she had recently moved after spending years as part of the Orgiva Subud community. She was 97.

Sophie was the first woman to be opened in Subud in Britain in 1957. She and her husband Ronimund were part of a group of Gurdieff followers who invited and paid for Bapak to come to the UK for the first time.

After they were opened in Subud, Roni and Sophie worked fully for Bapak, setting up a group in Vancouver, then moving to South Africa at Bapak’s request and supporting the group in Cape Town. Next they moved to Switzerland where they made a home, and also set up a hotel on Formentera (Balearic Islands) which they ran in during the summers. In about 1998 the Von Bissings moved for the last time, to Jaramuza near Orgiva in Spain, setting up the small Subud community that thrives there still.

Sophie was incredibly vital and full of interesting stories which she recalled in great detail. In her youth she had lived an exciting life, brought up in southern France by British parents, she spoke fluent French, English, Italian, German and Spanish. With her first husband she travelled in northern Africa before the war and then moved to London for the duration of the war. She was involved in espionage and had a passionate affair with a French spy. She later married an American and moved to the US. This marriage also ended unhappily and Sophie returned to Cyprus where her parents had moved. It was there that she met Roni von Bissing, the love of her life.

Despite the frustrations of old age and missing Roni after he died in 2003, Sophie was always a pleasure to visit and to listen to, and she had many visitors, although she would always complain that she saw no one.                 (From Subud World News)

The following was recently printed in the Subud Vancouver Newssheet – The story of Subud Vancouver begins with a visit to Vancouver in 1958 by Hubert and Sophie von Bissing in their large yacht that they had bought in San Francisco. The purpose of the Von Bissings’ visit to Vancouver was to give information about a spiritual way called Subud. About 40 people turned out at a meeting held in the West Vancouver home of a Mrs. Rippon to meet with the Von Bissings. Most of those who were at the meeting received the spiritual contact of Subud from the Von Bissings and formed themselves into a group that they called Subud Vancouver.


As already advised by email – For the next few months we will be having a group meeting on the third Sunday of every month at 12.30 following the 11.00 Latihan.


Don’t forget the evening Latihan times are have changed for the Winter – The men are now at 6.00pm on Monday and Thursday and the women are at 5.00pm on Thursday.


We are approaching the end of another year and already there are quite a number of visitors booked for the annual Jaramuza January gathering.

It is not a formal gathering with a programme but it is space where Subud members can get together for Latihan, Testing, Talking, Eating, Relaxing, Enjoying the sun etc…….. With Granada only 45 mins. away, the coast 30 mins. away and surrounded by the majestic foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains and their beautiful walks, there is plenty to do. Some come for 2 months, some come for a few days, all return refreshed. We still only have the one Latihan hall but the business plan for the new premises is almost complete and we hope 2015 will see some physical progress. We do have a coffee / tea point outside the Latihan hall, that was erected for the Zonal meeting, held here in May, and it is a focal point for social activities. We do have the swimming pool, although even here, in January only the hardy venture in. We do have the equipment to show films and Bapak’s and Ibu’s videos – last year we had one or the other every week and sometimes both. But above all we do have the desire to make everyone welcome and share the benefits of living in an embryo Subud community in the Sun.

If you would like more information please reply to Andrew Bromley, Chair, Subud Alpujarra, or check our web site on

Best wishes,

Andrew Bromley

National Congress Report

We got back from the National Congress in Madrid on Sunday 5th and I would like to give a brief report although there will be an official report with all the details sent round on the Spanish list server in the next few days.

It was in Guarderamma, North West of Madrid and even though it is a convent and not a hotel it was an excellent place to meet – and only about 45€ full board.

As well as 78 Spanish members we had Sanderson Topham and Sharifa Roberts (International Helpers and both from the UK) plus Halim and Maya Bernardes (from Poland and La Source) – We hear that Peter and Miriam have finished their stint at La Source and are hoping to move to Lewes in the UK.

The Congress was very compressed as it was only 2 days – one day shorter than usual, but everything miraculously got done and in some ways the shorter time did help – there was less space for emotional outbursts and the Latihans were still very good. In addition to all the normal business, a new committee was elected plus all the new National Helpers were appointed. The new chair is Paloma who we know very well here in Orgiva and Carla is to be the Committee Councillor (who we also know!). The new treasurer is Andrea who is the wife of Lucas (the outgoing chair) and Elena from Alicante will continue as Secretary. In our Region the National Helpers are Helena (Alpujarras) and Mursalin (Sevilla).

There will be a National Council meeting on the weekend of the 21st of February in Madrid next year which Helena, Carla and I will be attending and next years National Congress will be in Barcelona around the weekend of 10th / 11th October.

One thing we need to sort out is membership of Subud Spain. You might remember that I sent an email earlier this year asking if you wanted to register as members of Subud Spain then you needed supply some personal details. Well things have moved on a bit and it is now required that you supply signed forms with your personal details – these forms I will send around in a few days. One reason for registering is that Subud Spain are not allowed to send out member communications to non members so those that do not register will be removed from the mailing list.

We are very nearly there with setting up the Association of Subud Alpujarra – we have had our statutes accepted (they were directly copied from Subud Sevilla statutes) and just have some formalities to complete. We are the last group in Spain to complete this – it will mean we can have a bank account in the name of Subud Alpujarra (right now our account is in 3 members names) and also own property – if our project gets that far.

Satellite World Congress in Orgiva – 2-17 August

Not so much a congress – more a place you can visit for rest, relaxation, great Latihans, maybe Bapak or Ibu videos in the evening, maybe kedjiwaan sessions, internet connection with Mexico – all in an area with beautiful scenery and interesting places to visit, 40 minutes from Granada and the Alhambra and 30 minutes from the coast. A Subud holiday.

We thought that organising a full Satellite Congress was not viable because of our limited numbers BUT what we would very much like to do is have an open house here and what we can offer is a welcome to anyone who would like to stay in a Subud environment over the time of the World Congress. It is not necessary to come for the full period – suit yourselves.

2014 – Ramadan

Quite a few members (of different religions) will be following Ramadan this year.  It starts on the evening of 27th of June and so the first fast day is Saturday 28th.  It will mean there may be less members for ‘tea and biscuits’ after Sunday Latihan and there may not be enough demand to have the group meal on Sunday the 6th of July.  For those who want to follow the fast this year we will probably run talks/ Latihans and readings from Susila Budhi Dharma on the Nights of Power – more info later.

2014 – Winter Gathering

A coming together of Subud members over January and February with a concentration of visitors in the middle of January.  This year we had  22 bookings including Luqman our WSA Chair. As per last January we had 3 zonal representatives, Harvey, Zone 5 rep, who is now resident here, Paloma, our Zone 3 rep, who visits regularly, and Robiyan, Zone 4 rep. In addition we also had a short visit from Lucas our Subud Spain chair.
We already have bookings for January /February 2015.

2014 – April 28th to May 4th – Zone 3 Meeting

We hosted around 30 delegates plus 20 guests over 6 days.  The majority of visitors stayed in Jaramuza, members homes or nearby casitas.  All meals were provided on site and a marquee was erected for Latihans.  To see a report of the event click here