Currently we have 35 full time members with another 13 who have properties here but are based abroad. There are members from 10 different countries and three continents including Africa and Asia, although the commonest languages are English, French, German and Spanish.

The Group grew around the Jaramuza Complex which was built by Hubert and Sophie von Bissing, Sergio and Carla Moreno and Marc and Elsa Vouga. Hubert von Bissing was part of the Ouspenski group who were instrumental in bringing Subud to the West. He  discovered the area in 1994 and rang his wife, Sophie to say ‘I think I have found heaven on earth’.

The complex was completed in 1998. Originally an olive grove, it has 8 apartments, a Latihan hall with kitchen and bathroom plus a 4x10m swimming pool set in landscaped gardens. The new Latihan Centre was added later, it comprises two 1000sq ft Latihan halls, a kitchen, an office, two toilets and a large social area. We have become a facility for members and groups from around the World – it is rare for us NOT to have visitors.

There are also 7 Subud families who have built houses on land adjacent to the Jaramuza site. The total area in Subud hands is over 8 hectares and over half the group members live within walking distance of the Latihan hall, either in Jaramuza itself or on land adjacent.

Apart from the weekly Latihans there is a group pot luck meal and/or some other organised event on the first Sunday of the month, but please check before coming on a Sunday.