Jaramuza Retreat Centre

The Retreat Centre has been operating for 9 years, seeing guests from all over the World although the majority have come rom the UK.  These have all been individual retreats but currently efforts are being made to do group retreats.  This year a Ramadan retreat is planned for Subud members.

Yes Quest

Several members are participating in the upcoming Yes Quest training.  The long term plan is to hold Yes Quest events here in Orgiva.

Vacation Rentals

A family has a cottage and an additional bedroom for holiday use, situated about 400m from the Subud Centre.  It is registered with the Spanish authorities as a  vivienda rural.  For more information please call 0034xxxxxxxxxxxx.


One member, with help of others, does catering work on a regular basis, and has provided up to 2  freshly prepared meals a day for 60 people, six days long. With knowledge and experience of catering different diets.


Two members are involved with the long term care of the elderly.

Systemic (Family) Constellations                    

Three members perform constellation workshops once a month.  Systemic Constellations are a method for revealing and re-aligning hidden loyalties in family, business, or other kinds of tightly bonded groups. A constellation is an invitation to transform old patterns, which keep you from living your full potential. Representatives will bring you back to crucial events in your live. The healing space we co-create allows blocked energy to transform.

Holistic Therapy


including: Cranial Sacral Therapy, Kinesiology and Microcurrent.  See website for details and contact information to make an appointment or call Beata at +34 642 128 651.