Welcome to Subud Alpujarra. The Subud Community is in Jaramuza, South of the village of Orgiva, nestled in a valley between the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Contraviesa Mountains.


We are a multinational group; we have had 10 different languages in the group. The Subud Centre has 2 Latihan hall and large social area and is adjacent to the original Subud complex with its swimming pool and 8 cottages.

Visitors are always welcome.  As well as two or three cottages on site, available when not in use by their owners, there is a range of hotel accommodation in town, from 15€ to 80€ a night plus two camping sites and many self catering cottages.

Latihan Times :                                                                                                                              Men & Women                                                                            

Sunday  11.00 am                                                               

Monday  10.30 am         Monday  7.00 pm                                                      

Thursday10.30 am        Thursday 7.00 pm                           

* Visitors should check for confirmation of Latihan times 

If you would like any further information about Subud click here.